she`s gone

Im just getting so sad and bored without my beloved kak Nurul.Yesterday,she leave my house around 2.30 pm.My night is so quite.No more shouting and laughing with her.Im not waiting for her come back from Swansea University in late night.Anymore.Like before.Im not sharing my bed with her.Anymore.Tomorow morning, it will be different.Im not wake up for her anymore.And she`s not wake up for me anymore.Im not oversleep anymore.Because she`s not sleep beside me anymore.Im gonna miss her lab in Swansea University.Im gonna miss every moment with her.Walking in the night.Eating and sharing chocolate ice cream at Verdi`s.Talking about our dream.Talking about a wedding.Dreaming Princess.Tickling her.Make a silly joke.Laughing on her!Bullying her! Hitting her! And no more kick from her.I miss her now.And Im crying without her!
Well,she just engagged on last Sunday with David.Without a ring! David had asking her father to handing marriage.She is getting married.Eleven days more! She`s also done her phD,on yesterday! How`s quick time is running out. 3 weeks she being my real sister! Too close and a lot of story.Im happy for her.Very happy. Alhamdullilah. But,I miss her so much.I love her so much.I think, I do need a big sister like her..Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Najihah, don't be sad! InshaAllah we'll see each other again in June. We can go eat more ice-cream!!! Mmmmmmmmm :)

Easter said...

You write very well.