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Just wanna let you know Jiha berhijrah ke blog Pelangi Jiwa

Wahai Pencinta Seni

מה חדש מעלה(whats up?) שלום יכול להיות לך על( May peace be upon to you)

Well, am not even sure are these writing right because I was copy it from Mr Google. Hehe =)

It has been so long, I have not update my blog due my daily life is changing. Am a university student of Insaniah College University at Kedah. (Bajet busy la ni.) Even though my earlier plan, was about to study at Syria, but unfortunately it just not safe to be there for a while. I dare to go but not for study, for capturing the photos of war la~. Sound scary and risky but what is life for huh? (Well surely my mom won`t let me go!!)

Well in Insaniah College University (KUIN), am doing Graphic Design in Diploma. You know what, it was on my plan to further my study in art. But my parents would love me to study in Islamic Study, but somehow the miracle happened! Graphic Design finally became my field! YEY! =DD

In here, I have learnt that I was born to be in Art World. It is really nice to be here. I've met loads of people from different countries. Now am back Malaysia! I was so excited to see, to learn, to explore my country,yes truly Asia,Malaysia!

The most stressful time, when I have to face the finale. OMG. It was scary. I cried! I can`t believe how I can faced it. Thanks God for keep giving me love from beloved people- my family,friends,lecturers,bla-bla-bla. I really hope, I can get a good result. Sometimes, on that point, I was almost give up but I never ever can allow my self to that!

The most funny question I ever had from loads people especially elders (I don`t mean to be rude okkk)

What is your future doing all the drawing, colouring things huh?
Your course is useless, nothing to do with Islam and dakwah.
Its better for you to study Islamic Study

And I just smiled and sayzzz..

Art is a part of life. There is no road, if we don`t have engineer or architecture or designer. There is no signboard or traffic light, if we don`t have the planner. Even if you open The Quran, you can see how beautiful Islamic Art around it!

Well, that's all I can say. To those in art course, trust me, believe in art can make our life happy. I can show you the prove, by watching this great film. A film about a dyslexic little kid and how art make a big change for him.