Yes One Malaysia

Hola & Salam Sejahtera
Uno- I`ve been busy for a while.School just started for 2 weeks.Alhamdullilah eventhough, I was little bit lazy to come back to school, but now I feel happy back because I just started learnt Spanish language today. Senora Boneto is my El Espanol teacher.She and all her pupils gave a warm welcome to me as new beginner.Also today, I was accidently planned to take Politics course in Olcha School. I am still doing Art and Photography courses.I am so glad.

Let`s move on the subject!
Dos- Since the Kepala Lembu became so famous lately, I am just wondering, why those people being so silly? They are so much older than me and I believe they are all married! Lol.I am no judging them but the level of their brain were just like otak lembu as well.They were step on their on head.Where is the credibility gone? Aiyak!

Tres- If you wanna be famous, not like this way maaa! Ayoo yoo (8_8)
Dan janganlah kamu memaki sembahan-sembahan yang mereka sembah selain Allah, karena mereka nanti akan memaki Allah dengan melampaui batas tanpa pengetahuan.”(Al-An’am: 108).”

Cuatro- Dear Prime Minister, please take care of your rakyat! We are in One Malaysia.Keep away all this silly war tingy.If I can replace Prime Minister`s chair, (love you Najib haha :P) I would be so glad to put them into ISA and take back all mangsa ISA to their family.

Cinco-16 people from HINDRAF were arrested in their protest to ask all Malaysian to respect to each other. It was a nice peace message but unfortenatly the goverment was not being unfair! I am not saying I am supporter for HINDRAF but as one of Malaysian girl, I have to respect their faith.Not just me, but US!

Seis- Hey people,let`s Amin this wish.Haha :D

Siete-For whatever racist we are, for whatever language we speak, for whatever religion we believe in,for whatever nationality we are, we just live in same world and not just in one Malaysia! We are in Ramadhan.This month is the only great month to move any bad deeds! Don`t take it in complicated way la..

Ocho- Take care bebeyh :) No more gaduh2 la..( bajet bahek jek aku ni :P )

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