Teacher Sharifah Azizah is my first favourite teacher forever and ever. She is very understanding and sporting. But, she is so naughty with me. Hahahah…she bullied me at Semarak Hall on Tadarus Day! Ouh… i became embarrassed..= p Aduhai! But it`s okey! It doesn`t matter… just a funny and sweet memory.=]
By the way, I miss her so much. She is faraway! I miss it when she’s angry, when she smiles and makes a joke! She is just an amazing teacher in my life. Thank you for everything Teacher Sharifah Azizah! Love you so much!

Miss Ezra is my 1st mum in my Bishop Gore school. She`s been my form teacher since I arrived at class 11D on 8th January 2007. I’ve been close to her since she`s been so nice to me. Well,she so helpful! She’s always there for me. Understanding, loving and caring! She`s the coolest mum!

But now, she’s not in my school anymore. She`s continuing her photography study in a college somewhere. Uh Allah!! Long time not seen her! Miss her damn lots!

Dr Jenkins is my Chemistry teacher.I like him as my good teacher because he`s so patient with his student and he`s so kindful!He always helping for my study.He`s awesome!Very understanding and helpful.May Allah bless for his kindness….

That`s all my favourite teacher`s story.No more word..May Allah give His Blessing to all my teachers wherever and forever!Amin…=]]

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Anonymous said...

cute...interesting teachers u got, and interesting life also ;)


allaiyah said...

salam...uiii... ko da blaja chemistry kew?